Kim Kardashian Found Out She Passed the Baby Bar at a Red Lobster

Kim goes to the chain restaurant on the latest episode of Hulu's The Kardashians and I just need to know what she ordered.

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Kim Kardashian Found Out She Passed the Baby Bar at a Red Lobster

Much like seeing a teacher outside of a classroom, imagining Kim Kardashian in a Red Lobster brings on a certain feeling of disorder.

Admittedly, I’m gleeful at the idea of Kim crying while going to town on some endless shrimp in a sweatsuit like the rest of us, but it always felt like a massive stretch until now. In the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, regular mom Kim is seen at Red Lobster with her daughter North, KKW Beauty chief marketing officer Tracy Romulus, and her kids, Remi and Ryan. Kim had apparently gone to the chain because North won her first basketball game ever, and naturally, such a feat calls for cheddar bay biscuits.

Obviously, a post-game trip to Red Lobster is less than interesting, so the show fixates on Kim learning that she passed the “baby bar” aka First-Year Law Students’ Examination, which she previously failed three times, at the restaurant. In a car outside the home of Lobsterfest, Kim looks at her iPhone screen and exclaims that she passed. It’s all very exciting, but I couldn’t help but wonder: What did Kim order?

Is she an Admiral’s Feast kind of gal? Perhaps she’s more into the classics and nabbed some fish and chips? Your baby bar situation is great, Kim, but feels a bit besides the point.

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