Kim Kardashian Pays Tribute to Penis Pasta


So much pasta is like dicks, but only one pasta is a lot like dicks. That’s right, I’m talking about penis pasta, a bachelorette party staple from-a the old country whose history I’m having a hard time googling. Let’s say it was invented on Oct. 19, 18……………47! By an old woman. Named Kathy, perhaps. That would make today an anniversary, it being Oct. 19 and all.

That would explain why Kim Kardashian posed for a photo looking like a penis pasta, per People. She’s celebrating its birthday.

The tub pic comes from a new photo spread Kim did for Richardson magazine (no relation!), shot by Steven Klein.

In another one of the pictures she looks at fish and in another one, the cover one, she’s topless atop a chartreuse stool. Behind her are red curtains, closed—perhaps to suggest that it’s “curtains” for people who aren’t eating pasta? Everyone’s eating pasta these days.

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