Kim Kardashian Says Baby North Peed On Kanye During the Vogue Shoot


Kim Kardashian appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss her appearance on the cover of Vogue and share some funny stories about her family and fiance, Kanye West.

Wearing what looks like a discarded doily that someone used as a fishing net but is actually a lace dress with a whole bunch of black underwear (I’m trying to get my mind around that one too, guys), Kardashian talked about their “top secret” shoot for the April cover of Vogue. She told Meyers they had to keep everything hidden from her sisters (which seems impossible because the Kardashian sisters are like the Stasi of reality television). She also said she and Kanye are basically homeless and living with her mom while their new lair is being built.

She said she often blames Kanye when she wants an easy way out of things people ask her to do. l I think that’s interesting, because I also use “Kanye West” as an excuse for all horrible shit I don’t want to do, too. “Oh no, I’m so sorry I can’t come help you move that couch. You know, because of Kanye. Yeah. Sorry.”

Kardashian also told Meyers her daughter North (who is seriously freaking ADORABLE) peed on the Grammy-winning rapper during their photo shoot together. That’s understandable. If I was getting my picture taken with Kanye West by Annie Lebowitz for Vogue, I might pee a little too. I get excited like that sometimes. Like a puppy.

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