Kraft Mac & Cheese Now Less Cheesy, Thanks to The Food Babe (Who Sucks)


Okay, so maybe it’s a stretch to say that it’s the orange stuff in Kraft’s Macaroni & Cheese that makes it so sinfully good, but you can count on the comfort food to be decidedly less orange thanks to a crusade by The Food Babe to make it that way.

Specifically, we’re talking about its artificial coloring—which, unless you’re living under a rock, one would assume did not stem from nature, given its ability to exist on supermarket shelves for quite awhile—and which served as The Food Babe’s target, who says that the chemicals that give Mac & Cheese its tint cause cancer and other ailments, reports the Washington Post. Kraft will be replacing the synthetic dyes with paprika, which sounds…spicy…and like something you’d order alongside a plate of artisanal sausage at a beer garden in Brooklyn.

On the flip side of the fence is a woman who goes by The Sci Babe, a chemist and self-proclaimed “science advocate” who claims that The Food Babe’s findings, with Mac & Cheese and other products, are unfounded—and in this video, also makes a valid point:

“The people who are buying this, they don’t think it’s made of Vitamin C,” she said.
“And the people who are complaining about it [the artificial dyes], they’re probably not going to be customers, anyway.”

Image via AP

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