Kyle Richards Says She’d Date a Woman. Good!

In a new teaser for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Bravolebrity says, "Yep," she'd date a woman. Great! So, like…a tattooed country singer???

Kyle Richards Says She’d Date a Woman. Good!

I don’t watch any of the Bravo Housewives franchises except for Real Housewives of New York, yet I remain deeply invested in the relationship between Kyle Richards and “her friend” Morgan Wade.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who separated from her husband of 27 years, Mauricio Umansky, in June, has been denying a romance with the country artist for months now. And yet, the two share matching tattoos and matching rings, Richards brought Wade as her date to Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party, is helping produce a documentary about Wade’s life, and starred in Wade’s music video, “Fall in Love With Me,” in which they trolled everyone by nearly kissing.

In December, a midseason trailer showed Richards asking fellow castmate Dorit Kemsley if she’d ever date a woman, which made Kemlsey inexplicably choke on her wine. (Grow up Dorit.) And, in a new extended trailer released Wednesday, we’re shown more of that scene, in which Crystal Kung Minkoff asks Richards, “Would you?” and she responds with an easy, simple, “Yep.” Great! So, like…a tattooed country singer???

But truly, we love that. I’m just stuck between feeling annoyed that Wade and Richards keep trolling us with their “friendship” and being impressed that they keep successfully trolling us with their “friendship.”

Wade, for her part, has also continued to deny the rumors and insist they’re just friends. While promoting her music video in August—which, again, was pretty much a house-wife-next-door fantasy porno—she told People, “The internet’s a dumb place.” Yeah, for sure, but also, stop baiting us then 🙁

Richards also admitted to wanting to give the gossip mill “something to talk about,” with Wade agreeing that they wanted to “troll the trolls a little bit.” Consider me trolled! Now can you guys just kiss already?

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