L.A. Mayoral Candidate Wendy Greuel On Abortion, Ganj and Condoms in Porn


Wendy Greuel, currently Los Angeles’ city controller and a former Dreamworks exec (of course), is up for mayoral office this year. Should she win against Councilman Eric Garcetti, she would be L.A.’s first female mayor. She’s been roundly criticized by Garcetti’s camp for accepting large amounts of super PAC funding, specifically from labor unions and Hollywood, and will be mounting TV ads supported by a group called “Working Californians.”

Greuel, who’s been stumped for by Sen. Barbara Boxer, activist Dolores Huerta, Congresswoman Janice Hahn and Supervisor Gloria Molina, has been outspoken about using her possible mayoral platform for a fight against the increasing restrictions on abortion procedures, as she wrote in an op-ed for HuffPo:

As a mayor, I will offer a strong and unique perspective on the importance of health care providers such as Planned Parenthood. As a mother of a child in public school, I will share the importance of health education in avoiding unwanted pregnancies. And as a woman who came of age with the protections of Roe in place, no one will fight harder to make sure that Roe remains the law of the land.

That’s good! As for other social issues:

Like Garcetti, Greuel would push for more intensive regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries—but Garcetti clarified that he believed there should be a federal reclassification of cannabis. As far as recreational pot-smoking, he says that if a state vote came out in favor of it, “[he] would be happy to regulate it like alcohol, especially to make it less easy for underage use.” Greuel: “I would consult with my Chief of Police and medical experts to determine the balance between access to marijuana for personal medicinal purposes and keeping our neighborhoods safe.”

Greuel also supports required condom use in the adult film industry, while Garcetti verbally shrugs: “There are real health concerns, but not my top priority. I wonder about enforcement and jobs issues.”

[‘Wendy Greuel, LA Mayor Candidate 2013, Talks Pot, Condoms In Porn, Walmart & More’ [HuffPo]

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