Lady Gaga's New Song Sounds Like It Should Only Be Played On Halloween


Lady Gaga has leaked her new single “Applause” and though it is perhaps better than “Burqa“, for a woman who has a notably fantastic voice, the faux-horror movie man voice she uses to sing most of the song is not particularly fun to listen to.

“Applause” is basically Gaga’s version of “My Prerogative”, as she addresses how she likes attention in a sort of nonsensical I’m-famous manner. It makes those of us who loved “Just Dance” yearn for the days when she wasn’t constantly putting out work that references her own celebrity. Gaga would like you to note that she is not singing “cunt”, she is saying “Koons” as in Jeff Koons the pop art artist, an apparent tie to her album title ARTPOP.

Image via Twitter

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