Ladymags Love Leaping Layouts


For some reason, the ladymags are kicking off the year with a smattering of our least favorite kind of photoshoot: The kind in which the models are jumping on a neutral background.

Of course, while Vogue, Marie Claire and Bazaar also have other kinds of fashion spreads, they each have a layout with a young lady leaping. While we understand that not every photo shoot can be a moody study of Vietnam or a vivid technicolor dream, the jumping-on-a-neutral-background concept is just a fast train to Snoozeville. Is it just us? Judge for yourself:

Kudos to Vogue for finally, finally using black models in a fashion feature. Boo for forcing them to jump in heels. At least, some of them are wearing heels. This poor young lady has been amputated. Anna Wintour is so cruel.

Another shot from Vogue: Poor 19-year-old Chanel Iman ought to look like she’s having the time of her life. Instead she looks alarmed that the Earth has suddenly lost its gravitational pull and like she might have gastro-intestinal issues.

Vogue, again: At least she looks a little less depressed.

This shot is from Marie Claire. Is she doing the robot? Are her iPod headphones tangled in her necklace? Did she poop her Hammer pants? So many questions.

Marie Claire again. Yawn.

And yet a third image from Marie Claire. This seems like a speedy way to shatter an ankle.

This young lady posed for Bazaar. Technically she is not leaping, but can’t you tell, by how high they’ve asked her to raise her foot off the ground, that a jump is imminent?


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