Laura Marano Proudly Still Uses a Flip Phone


Laura Marano has a message for us: it’s all about her.

The 22 year-old actor first captured people’s attention as the titular character on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally. After a four-season run, she was cast in a supporting role in the Oscar-nominated Lady Bird. But since then, Marano has been taking the reins on her own creative projects.

“I produced a movie with my sister and my mom that we’re putting out in 2019. I think I kind of want to just put stuff out,” Marano told Jezebel. “I don’t have any interest in holding stuff back.”

Marano released her latest single “Me” under her independent label, named for the device she miraculously still uses in 2018: Flip Phone Records.

“I have an iPad, so I like the idea of a smartphone. But everyone just gives me so much trouble for not having an iPhone that it is a constant thing I have to discuss with people,” she noted. “I know you’re thinking okay, well you can fix that by just getting some sort of smartphone, but I like how I am. I like what’s going on. I don’t like change.”

Watch the video above to hear what else Marano told us about her new music, which celebrity she’s crushing on, and her dream collaboration.

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