Lena Dunham Did An Interpretive Dance To Sia's "Chandelier" Last Night


Yesterday on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Sia performed her song “Chandelier” with a “very special guest.”

Though from the looks and sounds of it, it doesn’t seems like audience even recognized the special guest was Lena Dunham. While Sia laid face down on a loft bed, Dunham (sporting Sia’s signature hair) performed an interpretive dance number, an homage of sorts to Sia’s original music video in which Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms performed a powerful routine.

Dunham’s version incorporated life-sized placards (of a carrot, stick figure, skeleton and tear drop), toilet paper, theatrical skipping, and spooning. Very Lena Dunham I guess. I’m not sure how well it translates live—the contrast between Sia’s booming voice and having merely one person whimsically twirling around on a stage was a bit awkward. I dunno, part of me thinks they could have partially remedied that by simply playing the music louder?

But you gotta give it to Dunham—she definitely committed to that girly bedroom rage-dance we all know so well. I mean she nearly shook that wig right off her damn head.

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