Let's Look at Pictures of Beautiful Beaches and Plan Dream Vacations


Since it’s still hot as hell, it can’t hurt to pick the ideal destination for our next (imaginary?) getaways.

The World Geography has a list of the strangest beaches in the world, but they all look pretty awesome to me. I want to go to each and every one of them to judge their strangeness — is there a Kickstarter for that? It sounds like an idea that could get funded.

The above pic is from Elafonisi Beach on Crete in Greece. I went to a wedding there for my classiest friends in 2011, and it was ridiculously beautiful. I’m literally still paying for the trip, but it was worth it to float in that beautiful, beautiful water. Vacation, all anyone ever wanted.

Now, where to next? I mean, after PIG BEACH:

[The World Geography]


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