Lil B Fans Start ‘GirlTime’ Newswire


Lil B, when not busy fucking other guys’ bitches (or, to be fair, writing op-eds about abortion restrictions) regularly hosts “#GirlTime,” during which his female fans post photos of themselves using the inspirational hashtag. Now his fans have started their own newswire of sorts, “GirlTimeUSA.” Uh oh: Jezebel might have some competition.

Here’s the first entry from the GirlTimeUSA (“Girls,Photos,News,Education,Life,Awareness, = Girltime #1 Source For Beautiful Girls Around The World!”) Tumblr:

#girltime news :
At GT we like to bring awareness to girls doing great things around the world!!! you dont have to be famous to be respected! check out what Julia has done for GT!
Hi! I’m Julia Prosen. Yearly I participate in a charity called St. Baldrick’s, which raises money for pediatric cancer. I’ve shaved my head in solidarity 3 times and have raised over $1500 for the charity. It was a big choice to shave my head the first time, but I was set on raising the money for the charity. I think it’s a great cause. And it’s right what I needed at the time. My mom relapsed and I was very depressed for years. Helping others was so liberating and really helped me mold and transform into a better person. I would recommend finding a cause you’re passionate about and doing what you can to help. It doesn’t only help the people in need, it helps you, too! I’ve attached a before and an after photo, the first will be before I shaved my head the first time, and the second will be after the third time I shaved my head.

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