Lil Wayne Seems to Disagree That He Was Dumped for Endorsing Trump

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Lil Wayne Seems to Disagree That He Was Dumped for Endorsing Trump

Not even love is strong enough to overcome your partner voting for Trump, as Denise Bidot proved when she dumped Lil Wayne after he enthusiastically endorsed Our Blessed Forever President last week.

But like any good narcissist, Wayne seems to think that Bidot broke up with him not because he supports a fascist cartoon villain, but because he simply couldn’t handle the intensity of being with him. Classic.

Denise, save yourself some trouble and let him think whatever he wants. “Yes, Dwayne, you are an eternal fire and I am covered in third degree burns,” you can say through gritted teeth. “Mhm, sweating.” Nod until he shuts up and goes away, because who has the energy to argue? [Page Six]

If Anderson Cooper accidentally referring to Twitter as “Clitter” is the last thing I hear before my senses self-immolate, that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

For context, Cooper’s full statement was: “The president overnight basically declaring victory, claiming that fraud was being committed and making false statements on Clitter, excuse me, on Twitter.”

It’s been a very long day/life for everyone, Cooper not exclitted. [The New York Post/CNN]

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