Lindsay Lohan: Before & After Hoarder Home


The final chapter of The Insider‘s coverage of “Lindsay Lohan: Secret Celebrity Hoarder” aired last night, with before and after shots of her once-cluttered home. Dina Lohan appeared to opine on the mess that professional organizer Linda Koopersmith cleaned.

As we saw in previous installments, Lindsay’s condo was a veritable disaster area of designer shoes, clothes, accessories, toiletries and whatnot that filled her spare bedroom and media room, and spilled over to the rest of her home. Koopersmith essentially turned the guest room into a gigantic walk-in closet, with custom-built racks, shelves, and drawers that created floor-to-ceiling aisles of organized excess.

Dina loves what The Insider was able to do for Lindsay, but wouldn’t really admit that the chaos of her daughter’s home was a direct reflection of the chaos of her life. Despite the fact that Dina previously said that most of Lindsay’s stuff would be going to charity, the Lohan family has instead created a website——where they are selling their unwanted items to “fans.” There is no mention on the site that profits from the sales will go to charity.

Additionally, a professional organizer like Linda Koopersmith can charge anywhere between $50 – $100 an hour for consulting, and that doesn’t include the cost of storage materials, installation, construction, and labor. I’d estimate that a job of this scale has to be valued at a minimum of $15,000 – $20,000, the tab for which was presumably picked up by The Insider.

Lindsay’s “media room” was so packed with shoes and boxes of clothing that in previous episodes, it was impossible to tell that a gigantic flat screen TV was behind all the mess.

This is Lindsay’s media room now.

Now the over-sized framed photo of herself can be seen.

On previous visits, cameras were not granted access to Lindsay’s bedroom, but now that it’s all clean, she let them in.

Koopersmith custom built a closet all along one wall of Lindsay’s bedroom.

Why does she need multiples of the same plastic Claire’s-esque bracelet?

It’s not really a home unless you have a place to hang 20 different versions of the same hat.

And while Lindsay’s dressing room isn’t as ridiculous as Mariah Carey‘s, it’s also not as glamorous or funny. It’s actually a little bit sad that the gray, industrial organization of her hundreds of shoes, way too many hats, and unconscionable amount of bracelets seems to be more of a temporary solution to some other permanent problem.

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