Liposuction at its most efficient.


Those crazy kids in Japan have come up with a capital wheeze: Making boobs out of bums!

And not just bums – you can donate your flabby thighs and spare tyre to your chest too!

“Using the patient’s own tissue means there is no risk of rejection and it keeps the breast looking and feeling more natural than normal boob jobs. Earlier attempts failed because some fat would die and form lumps. But the stem cells coax the growth of blood vessels and the new tissue grows into the breast.
So far 39 women have had the op in trials in Japan. Tokyo surgeon Kotaro Yoshimura said: ‘I believe my procedure will be available within five years.'”

Someone tell Victoria Beckham that her petrified canteloupe boob days are almost over! Hurrah for science!

[Goodbye bum, hello boobs]

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