Little Girl Skyping With Her Dad Will Make You Want to Have Many Babies


Uh, my boyfriend should probably watch his back tonight because I’m pretty sure my eggs are chasing him around our house right now. (I’m really so, so very sorry.)

In what is basically the world’s best ad for Skype, little Yerin Park delights in seeing her dad on the TV. Which, yeah, it’s basically magic, so you can see why she’s freaking out. If we didn’t become immune to joy with age, we’d probably all be doing dances the second the internet took us to new pages.

(Should’ve had an asterisk on headline that said *not guaranteed to make you want to have babies, because we’re all different and that’s okay! AND ALSO: But what if your babies looked like kittens? And then yes to babies??)

[via Daily Dot]

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