Live Together, Die Alone: Live Blogging Lost


So, when we last saw the gang of Oceanic flight 815, Charlie had died while essentially saving the members of his camp, Locke saw Jacob and was then shot, but lived, Sun was pregnant, and a rescue team from the outside world was on its way to the island. HOWEVER…we also learned that things are awful for everyone in the future after they are back in their respective homes, but we have no idea why. Oh, and just before Charlie bit it, he scrawled, “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand for Desmond to read. What does it mean!? What’s gonna happen!? And what the hell is Jeremy Davies doing there!?

9:00: I love the false stars where you think they are on the island (like how they just showed the papayas) but then you realize they’re back in the real world.

9:01 Wait! This scene with hurley getting arrested, is it a flash forward!? Jack seemed to recognize his car.

9:02 Oh shit! It is in the future!

9:08 “The Oceanic 6”? Who doesn’t make it back?

9:09 Oh no! Hurley is going insane again.

9:11 I still don’t understand why Ben wanted to raise Alex. It’s so hard to tell when he’s lying or telling the truth!

9:14 It’s still really hard for me to accept that Charlie isn’t around anymore.

9:22 Is this guy bothering Hurley really who he says he is? No business card! No he’s not. Oh, he’s scary.

9:26 Who do you guys think that guy who visited Hurley works for? I can’t get it off my mind.

9:30 It annoys me that Jack never listens to Kate or her instincts, but it also annoys me that Kate is always insisting on doing stuff like this, going off on her own and shit.

9:33 Oh no, Hurley’s at Jacob’s crib. this can’t be good. OMG! I seriously just jumped when I saw that eyeball.

9:43 OMG! Charlie’s back!!!!!

9:45 I’m so confused. I don’t know if that’s really Charlie, or if it’s one of Hurley’s imaginary friends, like when Harry, Charlotte’s husband on SaTC, was his friend. Or maybe it’s some sort of supernatural thing, where someone else is posing as Charlie. Because Charlie never used to call Hurley “Hugo.” He didn’t even know that was his name.

9:54 If Hurley is taking this stance of listening to Charlie, how does he wind up leaving the island?

9:57 God, Jack looks cute in a suit. Stubble is really the best look for him, castaway or not.

9:59 Helicopters!

10:00 I can’t believe we have to wait an entire week for the next episode. IN other news, Jonny Lee Miller is looking old, but still good.

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