Lots of Lace and Fluttery Gowns at Jane Fonda's Life Achievement Award


Last night in L.A., Jane Fonda was awarded the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award. Hooray for Jane! (Fun this-event-related Jane Fonda fact: she picketed outside of the the first-ever AFI tribute in 1973 because Nixon was presenting).

Anyway, many of her lovely friends and colleagues, etc., attended in order to honor her. Let us now gaze upon what they wore:

Here is the Life Achievement’er herself, the wonderful Jane Fonda, looking all radiant and elegant in a color-blocked black and white gown with sheer sleeves and copious amounts of diamonds.

Emily Mortimer is very bohemian-looking with her tousled hair and flowing floral Dolce and Gabbana maxi dress.

Rosario Dawson was stunning and ethereal in a sumptuous pale pink dress, like Titania with a Skrillex haircut.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, with Michael Douglas, looked primly glamorous in a structured, backless black lace gown.

And here is Eva Longoria, valiantly fighting the already-lost battle on team “Make Mullet Skirts a Thing.” A do really like the neckline and embellishments, though!

All slinky and glittery: Samantha Mathis shimmers in black, Angela Lindvall glistens in silver sequins, Diane Lane effuses gloriousness in lilac lace.

In little black dresses, we have: Kathryn Hahn in a shift with a sort-of-cool neckline, Chelsea Handler in some kinda bland lace, and Blanca Blanco serving up lot of attitude in a very tight bandage dress.

Look at this fucking coven: Melanie Griffith went v. simple in her long black garb, Felicity Huffman opted for something a bit more ornate, and Rosanna Arquette was festooned in bows and necklaces.

Karen Sharpe Kramer wore a bold cobalt wrap dress, Marcia Gay Harden, also in a bold color, went for form-fitting and red; and Sally Field looks darling in tea-length cornflower blue.

ON THE SUBJECT OF “BOLD”: Kat Kramer came clothed in violet silks, like royalty from the Fertile Crescent; Syd Wilder wore a formal Cirque du Soleil outfit; Yvette Rachelle wore Jessica Rabbit’s dress but in a terrible color.

Beauteous couples: Alison Pill with an unnamed man in sunglasses; Peter and Parky Fonda; Wanda and Alex Sykes.

And some happy men to send you on your way: here’s Michael Vartan, Dylan McDermott and Corey Stoll in some suits.

Images via Getty.

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