Lululemon Fires Exec Responsible For Those See-Through Pants


Lululemon has fired its Chief Product Officer, Sheree Waterson, in the wake of the costly recall of the company’s transparent yoga pants. Since the recall began — and since other examples of Lululemon’s questionable quality-control have emerged in the media — the company’s share price has fallen by 16% and it had to revise its sales and earnings forecasts. [Bloomberg]

Karen Elson is on the cover of British Harper’s Bazaar. She tells the magazine that she’s been writing and recording what might become a follow-up to her 2010 album, The Ghost Who Walks, with the encouragement of her ex-husband, Jack White:

“He keeps saying, ‘Get on with it! Just do it!’ I completely admire that, but it’s a stumbling block for me because I’m not sure if I’m ready to share this stuff yet.”

She also says that she’s trying to raise her children, particularly her daughter, Scarlett, to have a healthy relationship with food:

“I don’t want my children to ever think that food is taboo. I don’t ever want to heap my baggage on them. I think Jennifer Lawrence is a brilliant role model for young girls, not some of the models that I see on the runway.”

[The Cut]

Somehow we really thought Ireland Baldwin would do better than the New York Post for her first “modeling” shoot. [NYPost]

Male model Jarrod Scott posed completely nude for Vogue Hommes International. Enlarged pic is NSFW. [TFS]

Eres is launching an expanded line of caftans and cover-ups. The campaign stars Bérénice Marlohe, who starred in Skyfall. [WWD]

Michael Kors is selling these $250 zebra print sneakers, but you have to “like” the brand on Facebook before you will be permitted to buy them. [LATimes]

  • “People don’t ask Jay-Z to take his shirt off when he rhymes,” says Janelle Monae. Her style on stage, says the singer, is part of her attempt to:
  • “redefine what it means to be sexy and what it means to be a woman. Showing my skin is not what makes me sexy…I like skirts and dresses just like everyone else, but I had a message I needed to put out there. It was up to me to show people and young girls there was another way.”
  • [USAToday]
  • The Argentine government discovered Bolivian immigrants working for pennies in three Buenos Aires sweatshops making clothes for Zara. According to an official from the agency that raided the factories, the garment workers were being treated essentially as slaves:
  • “We found men and children who lived in places where they worked. They were not registered and they were living in terrible conditions. They had no official documents and were held against their will, they were not allowed to leave their workplaces without permission.”
  • A Zara spokesperson professed to be “surprised” by the allegations. [Guardian]
  • Heidi Klum this week will unveil a line of t-shirts for Babies ‘R’ Us that feature drawings made by her son Johan. [WWD]
  • Nicola Formichetti is now the “artistic director” of Diesel, a newly created position. [WWD]
  • More C.E.O. pay news, because it’s C.E.O. pay news season (and full year 2012 results disclosure season): Macy’s head Terry Lundgren saw his compensation decline 21% from 2011 to 2012 because the company missed targets for growth. He still made $13.8 million last year. [WWD]
  • Serbian model Mijo Mihaljcic was born in Belgrade in 1992, the year the Bosnian War erupted. She has two siblings. “Our childhood wasn’t perfect because we were born in the wrong time,” she says. “But my parents tried to protect us as much as they could.” Mihaljcic says her advice to anyone who wants to model would be:
  • “To think twice. Usually people don’t realize you have to be responsible to do this job — you’re away from your family and you have to find a good agency to believe in you and protect you. And with this job, you have to be patient. You have to wait — sometimes one year or two years — you have to wait for your time, but it worked out for me.”
  • [The Cut]
  • Former Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements says in her new memoir that she heard that some models ate tissue paper in order to stay sample-size thin. “Apparently it swelled in your stomach,” Clements says. She says she came to feel she was part of the problem:
  • “I did consider myself to be part of the problem, to tell you the truth … I felt that that everybody was complicit in it … As an editor, as a woman as a mother, I would make my judgment calls as the models passed me … as to whether I felt that they were too thin … and you had to make that call every single day, but yes, the industry is complicit in some of these areas, definitely.”
  • It’s due to people in Clements’ position making “judgment calls” that certain models are too “fat” to work that we even have this ridiculous employment standard. [E!]
  • In court filings connected to the lawsuit brought against it by Spanx, shapewear brand Yummie Tummie is denying infringing any copyrights or intellectual property of Spanx. [WWD]
  • Zac Posen is doing a tie-in for Magnum, the ice cream brand. [The Cut]
  • Fifth and Pacific, formerly known as Liz Claiborne, is looking to sell the brands Lucky Jeans and Juicy Couture. That would leave only Kate Spade in its portfolio of brands. [WWD]
  • Versace’s profits rose from €7.9 million in 2011 to €8.5 million in 2012. Converted into dollars at average exchange rates for each period, however, the company’s profits fell slightly. [WWD]
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