Mad Men Talks Fall Apart Over Network's Crappy Demands


Earlier, we learned that Matt Weiner was close to making a deal with AMC to bring back Mad Men for two seasons, but now negotiations have broken down — and with good reason. You may not feel much sympathy for Weiner after learning that he’s demanding $30 million over the next two years, which would him the highest-paid showrunner on basic cable. However, a source tells Deadline that he isn’t fighting network executives over his salary, but these three demands:

  • Integrating product placement into the series
  • Cutting 2 minutes from each episode’s running time in favor of more commercials
  • Eliminating two regular cast members to save money

Betty haters would probably be fine with the series not following the adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Francis in their new home, but the show works as an ensemble piece and cutting any major character would detract from the story. Actually, Lane Pryce isn’t really essential to the plot, but the deal is still too risky. Roger is already too susceptible to heart attacks (or suicide) as it is.

Matt Weiner’s Talks For Mad Men Mega Deal Could Collapse Over Cost Shaving [Deadline]
John Slattery ‘Entertained’ by Roger Sterling Suicide Theories [N.Y. Mag]

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