Madonna: Goodbye Jesus, Hello New Kid

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  • Madonna and Jesus have broken up, if you believe that she Twitters, which this paper does. Meanwhile, she’s allegedly on her way to Malawi to adopt another kid. [Daily Mail]
  • According to the papers, her Madgesty is 2 days away from adopting a second child from Malawi. That seems… speedy. [The Sun, Mirror]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s latest flick, Labor Pains, will never hit theaters: It’s going to premiere on ABC Family, then go to DVD. This is the flick in which LL plays a woman who fakes being pregnant to keep from being fired. Hilarious? [Access Hollywood]
  • Rihanna was seen “smiling and flirting” with a group of guys — including Brody Jenner — at Nobu in New York on Wednesday. She also has a blond, female security guard, which is kind of awesome. [Page Six]
  • Last night, Rihanna was seen dancing at a Hollywood night club. [TMZ]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s latest Facebook status reads “If you love him, let him go.” [The Sun]
  • Warning: Celebrities have Twitter ghostwriters. Where do we apply? [NY Times]
  • Wow, Shawn Johnson is making quite a bit of cash to appear on Dancing WIth The Stars — if she goes all the way she could take home over $350,000. [E!]
  • Speaking of DWTS, Holly Madison has been experiencing pain in her rib area. Bad enough that she’s on meds. This show is dangerous! [E!]
  • Kate Middleton, Prince William’s girlfriend, has a pal named Emma Sayle. Apparently Emma runs sex parties called Killing Kittens, for single women and couples. Racy! [The Sun]
  • Courtney Love versus a designer on Etsy: Guess who called someone a “vile horrible lying bitch”? Hint: The rock star. [E!]
  • The designer also claims Courtney Love called her an “asswipe nasty lying hosebag thief.” [TMZ]
  • Jennifer Hudson has set a date for her wedding, but it’s a secret. [Mirror]
  • Queen Latifah has been cast in a romcom described as modern day Cinderella story; she’ll play a physical therapist who falls in love with a basketball player while helping him recover from a career-threatening injury. [Variety]
  • What the world needs now: A Ben Hur mini-series. [Variety]
  • Rapper T.I. will be sentenced today for weapons possession; he will probably get a year. He’s already done 1,000 hours of community service. [CNN]
  • Donna Martin, aka Tori Spelling, returns to 90210 on Tuesday. Plus: Diablo Cody drops by. Stuntcasting means someone really really wants you to watch. [E!]
  • Seriously, what is Courteney Cox‘s Cougar Town show really about? Every shot we ever see is CC in a robe. [Socialite Life]
  • Something stinks: NBC is yanking cooking competition show Chopping Block off the air and replacing it with repeats of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. [Yahoo via Reuters]
  • Survivor winner Richard Hatch wants to get out of jail. [Yahoo via AP]
  • So you know that shaggy coat Pixie Geldof wore? She had a matching dress underneath. [Daily Mail]
  • A witness claims to have seen two dudes get off of rapper Flo Rida‘s tour bus, kill a rabbit, and then get back on. Now Flo Rida is being questioned by police. [Socialite Life]
  • Former Eight is Enough and Charles in Charge star Willie Aames is broke and having a big garage sale in suburban Kansas City; he filed for bankruptcy last year and his home is in foreclosure. I want Charles in charge of me? [Yahoo via AP]
  • Eddie Cibrian, recently accused of cheating on his wife with LeAnn Rimes, was photographed holding hands with his wife at Miami airport yesterday. Damage control? [TMZ]
  • Got $150 million? You can buy the late Aaron Spelling‘s mansion: 56,500 square feet of space on more than 4.6 acres. There’s a bowling alley, wine cellar, wine tasting room, gift-wrapping room, a humidity-controlled silver storage room, China room, library, gym, and, of course, screening room. [Yahoo via AP]
  • Green Day is back, with an eight studio album out May 15th. [EW]
  • Blind item! Which A-list hunk got elbowed in the face by a girl after demanding she get him a bag of blow? The damsel clocked him after he called her a few (unprintable) names. [Gatecrasher]
  • I like any job where you can just shut yourself away from everybody.” — Robert Pattinson. [Mirror]
  • We schedule it out. We force ourselves to do it. There’s always an excuse for a couple not to take time for themselves, but it’s really short sighted. The first thing you’d better do is make a date as soon as that baby comes. You’d better make a date and take your wife out within a month – whether you want to, or not – and you can’t talk about the kid. And you’d better have a romantic weekend within two months because it tears couples apart, these babies do. Felicity and I have been really good about finding time. We’ll go away for two days – for one day, even – and we try to do it four, five, six times a year.” — William H. Macy, on keeping a marriage alive when you have kids. [Mirror]
  • She has the partying part down right. But I don’t think she’s got the focus. I mean, it requires a lot of focus and a lot of people think they can do it, but they really find that it’s a lot harder. Ask anyone – it’s a lot harder than it looks. I guess that’s why they call us supermodels – we make it look easy. But it’s not as easy as it looks, so I wish her all the best.” — Tyson Beckford on Lindsay Lohan. [Perez]
  • “Because I got high, I forgot to pay. It was stupid. I’m an idiot for that.” — Method Man, on owing back taxes. [Gatecrasher]
  • “I think the last thing I should be doing right now is planning a wedding. I’d become one of those cracked-out housewives with a vacuum cleaner, hopped up on Dexedrine.” — Kelly Osbourne, who just left rehab for her painkiller addiction. [Mirror]
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