Male Politicians Reach Out to Lady Voters by Standing in Kitchens


Since women have been given the right to vote (ugh, thanks a lot feminists!), the men who run for political office have struggled with how to convince the women to vote for them. They’ve held babies, because chicks love babies. They’ve read books to elementary school children, because broads love kids. But the latest trend in pursuing the female vote puts men right in the center of the ladybrain — the kitchen. Bitches love kitchens.

The logic behind putting a man in as silly a place as a kitchen is an attempt to subliminally link the male candidate with traits generally viewed as positive by ladies: relatability, down-to-earthitude, and the ever-elusive regular guyishness. From The Atlantic,

Videos and ads set in kitchens can be subliminally powerful, [political strategist] Kimmell explained, because they tap into the historical norm that the kitchen is a female domain and where women handle the family budget. Koutoujian and other male candidates signal they’re regular guys “who get it,” and not just politicians, when they set themselves in a kitchen, she said.

Turns out, women are, like, half the population, yet only comprise 20% of Congress, so, from an outsider’s perspective, it might look a teensy bit like most of the people running the country are people who might not be intimately familiar with the needs and lives of women. Naturally, standing in a kitchen during campaign ads, like Massachusetts’s Scott Brown, Connecticut’s Chris Murphy, and Martin Henrich of New Mexico did proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they’re Down With The Ladies.

But why stop there? There are plenty of other female-dominated spheres where men can stand whilst wearing button down shirts with rolled up sleeves in order to convey the fact that they’re totally comfortable in a woman’s realm. Here are some suggestions that I came up with in about 30 seconds:

  • tampon aisle of Duane Reade
  • WNBA locker room
  • shoe store, helping a woman try on shoes and then giving her a discount
  • nursing home (since most nursing home residents are female, on account of the fact that men die first)
  • gynecologist’s office with his feet in stirrups

Interestingly, while male candidates are airing ads that prove they go into the kitchen sometimes, female candidates are shooting ads out of the kitchen in order to convey to voters that they leave the kitchen sometimes. More from The Atlantic,

Rather than appearing in kitchen ads, on the other hand, more and more female candidates are showing themselves in encroaching on traditional male turf.
In New Mexico, Republican Governor Susana Martinez demonstrated her skills by showing herself in a courtroom, while North Dakota U.S. Sen. Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkampt took swings in a batting cage.

Right on, everyone. Bitches love gender fluidity.

[The Atlantic]

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