Mama June to Dr Phil: Photo of Me with Child Molester Is Fake

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Mama June is officially on the “Salvage My Fifteen Minutes of Fame” tour and by the looks of how it’s starting off, things are not going great.

In an interview that will air on Monday, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star June “Mama June” Shannon told Dr. Phil photos of her with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel are fake and denied having any relationship him again.

Mama June denies rekindling a relationship with [McDaniel], the man who allegedly sexually assaulted her daughter Anna when she was 8. This in spite of the fact that recent pictures of her and McDaniel have surfaced. When asked about the photos by Dr. Phil, Shannon claims at least one of the photos were photo shopped.

For their part, TMZ maintains they did not doctor any pictures.

She also told Dr. Phil she would not let Pumpkin have contact with McDaniel.“I would never take my child around someone like that.” Except she previously told Entertainment Tonight she did bring Pumpkin to meet McDaniel so she could have “closure.”

Mama June told Dr. Phil that McDaniel has “moved on” and has another girlfriend who isn’t her. Excuse me while I go throw up in my mouth.

[Dr. Phil]

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I am sick (YET AGAIN) but I would not miss a second of my time with you here tonight.

Image via Dr. Phil.

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