Man Arrested For Allegedly Waterboarding Girlfriend


Over the weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska, 22-year-old Trevor Case accused his girlfriend of “spending time with another man.” They argued. Then He waterboarded her.

The girlfriend, Danielle Stallworth, also 22, says that during their argument, Trevor said he was going to kill her. According to the police report, obtained by The Smoking Gun, Danielle was so tired and fed up with arguing she said, “Well, if you’re going to kill me, kill me now.” Trevor went over to her, tied up her wrists using headbands, tied her ankles with a belt, placed a pair of hospital socks in her mouth, put a T-shirt over her head and poured a pitcher of water over her head. He also told his girlfriend he was going to put a curling iron in her anus. What stopped this guy from doing more damage to his girlfriend? Their daughter came into the room.

TSG reports:

“As she was trying to get up, she clawed Case on his chest,” cops reported. When the couple’s young daughter awoke and came into the living room, “the situation calmed down.” When questioned by police, Case admitted arguing with Stallworth, but denied tying her up. He claimed that a scratch on his chest occurred while “wrestling with a friend.”

Trevor’s being held on $150,000 bond; the police report reveals that he was convicted last November of domestic assault against Danielle. Sigh.

Man Busted For Waterboarding Girlfriend [The Smoking Gun]

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