March Madness Elite Eight Naturally Includes an Eight Ball


Welcome the the Elite Eight! Yesterday, voters decided to say no to D.A.R.E and yes to MTV (Daren the Lion would be so disappointed in you) and poor Monica Lewinsky still can’t catch a break, having lost to the Seattle Sound by a whopping 3,670 votes. Oh, well. She can always go back to her career as a purse designer.

For today’s 80s vote, the White Pony races the rainbow pegasus as cocaine goes up against school supply designer (and surprise heavy-hitter) Lisa Frank. Will Lady Snow finally be the one to blow Frank right out of the running? It wouldn’t be the first time that she brought down someone powerful.

In the 90s conference, East Coast vs West Coast rap sets its crosshairs on the Nintendo Gameboy. Sure, they may seem like polar opposites, but I’m willing to bet that Gameboys and rap cassettes were the two most confiscated items in elementary school classrooms throughout the early 90s. You can get your items back after you vote.

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Embed was removed for legal reasons

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