Marie Claire: Stale SATC Quotes & Fat-Freezing


The June 2010 issue of Marie Claire edges into Tiger Beat territory with a special fold-out of the Sex And The City ladies looking sassy and Photoshop-fit. A little less fun?

The mag’s exploration of a new means for punishing your fat: Freezing the crap out of it.

Unless you find stale quotes refuting the never-die rumors of a rift between Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall and waxing nostalgic over the original SATC riveting, the article about fat-freezing is where it’s at. Featured recently on Good Morning America, the procedure is gaining in visibility, despite not yet being approved for use as a fat remover in the U.S. It’s non-invasive and permanent, and writer Jennifer Tung is full of “sheer, childlike giddiness” as she heads to the doctor. This is prior to learning that Cryolipolysis first vacuums your fat into it before freezing it into oblivion.

Tung is ultimately delighted with her results, albeit not without some reservations about the pain of vacuumed, frozen fat (never mind her sickening description of her flesh resembling a ‘pink, raw, wrinkled, frozen block of beef.’) It’s enough for her to wonder if she’s having an allergic reaction, but not enough to keep Tung from signing up for a few more Vac-Fat sessions.

Luckily, Tim Gunn makes an appearance in the issue, making it all better: He offers fashion advice that straddles the line somewhere between hilariously bizarre and sweetly whimsical. Does anyone make fashion more fun than Tim Gunn? Here’s the best of his advice:

Find items that resonate with you and wear them with joy and aplomb!
Would you be the company’s fashion star or the resident trollop?
If you’re not a follower, than be a leader and lead with pride and assuredness.

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