Marijuana Might Be Bad for Balls, And Cocaine Might Be Good


An important bit of information to share with the testicle-toting men in your life: smoking marijuana might lead to testicular cancer. Good news, though — cocaine users have a slightly reduced risk of testicular cancer. Neither drug is good for anyone’s music collection.

According to The Atlantic, the fairly small study involved men in the Los Angeles area who had been diagnosed with Testicular Germ Cell Tumors, the most common form of testicular cancer for men between 15 and 45, and tracked their party favor habits. Researchers found that regular marijuana use was correlated with an doubled risk of contracting TGCT.

Fortunately, though, men who had used cocaine were shown to be at a decreased risk of getting TGCT, which could mean that there’s some chemical component of nose candy that fights off the formation of TGCT.

[The Atlantic]

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