Martha Stewart and Snoop Became BFFs After He Accidentally Got Her Stoned on National Television


Snoop and Martha are the best because they prove that cultivating new adult friendships in middle age is totally possible, and also because they are each the most delightful people in complementary ways. So of course, it’s always fun to hear more details about how the weeded rapper and the weeding crafter have cultivated their friendship and eventual business relationship.

Snoop ended up on Howard Stern today, and we got another little anecdote about how they first went about becoming pals: a contact high, friends, the foundation of many a long-lasting camaraderie. In this clip, Snoop talks about how first, he went on her cooking show and made “special” brownies. And then during Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast, he was smoking so much weed that she got really, really zooted, just before it was her turn to step up to the podium. Guess what: “she’s wacked out of her head,” said Snoop, “but she steals the fucking show.”

That’s when they decided to start a collaboration and exchanged numbers. “Something was in the air,” said Snoop, cannily. A beautiful union.

(Bonus: here’s Snoop talking about the time Tupac and Madonna came to SNL to bring him “dizznope.”)

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