Martha Stewart Reviews Marijuana Edibles: 'They're Fine'


Martha Stewart told a super chill story on The Wendy Williams Show today about dabbling with edible marijuana. After describing a recent trip to her Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party cohost Snoop Dogg’s Los Angeles compound, Williams asked Stewart if she puffs or passes. “I pass,” said Stewart. “I just try to breathe. I just breathe.” Yeah… same.

Williams pointed out that edibles aren’t smoky, Stewart said that she wasn’t eating edibles… this weekend. She admitted she’s tried “an” edible.

“An edible!” she almost yelled, all of a sudden excited. “What’s an edible? It’s like a little gummy bear or something.” Those gummis can pack a mean punch, though. But I guess they haven’t.

“They’re fine,” concluded Stewart in a tone so serene it seemed calculated to show just how chill a body high can be.

Anyway, that’s great, I hope she’s having fun with her weed.

She also told a story about a friend of hers trying to steal a pepper mill from her (???). She apparently caught him and then forgave him (?????).

“It was an error of judgment,” she said after revealing that she stayed friends with this thief. We should all be so lucky as to have friends as loyal as Martha Stewart with such enviable pepper mills.

Another highlight (honestly, this interview was so good), occurred when Stewart stared into the camera and pled with her daughter to let her take her granddaughter to the premiere of Mary Poppins Returns.

Imagine being so famous that you were able to use a media appearance to coerce a family member into acquiescing to your demands. Martha Stewart is living the dream!

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