Matt Damon Weirdly Predicted Magic Mike Back In 2009 (Plus a Shirtless Matthew McConaughey Supercut)


When Matt Damon debuted his now-famous Matthew McConaughey impression on Letterman three years ago, he told a story of going up to Ocean’s 13 director Steven Soderbergh and saying (in McConaughey’s voice) “Mr. Soderbergh… I think now would be a good time to take my shirt off.”

WELL, GUESS WHAT, Magic Mike is directed by Steven Soderbergh and Matthew McConaughey probably said those exact words to him because shirtlessness is actually a plot point of the movie. Which makes Matt Damon Nostradamus, basically.

But this is really all just a lead-in to this Vulture supercut that compiles all of McConaughey’s shirtlessness into like, minutes and minutes of uninterrupted shirtlessness, with this comment from the editor:

A woman who saw Magic Mike on opening night just told me, “You almost see up Matthew McConaughey’s butt hole.” I asked if anyone in the audience screamed. “A hush fell over the crowd,” she replied.


[via YouTube, Vulture]

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