Maybe-VA Gov Ken Cuccinelli Trying To Ban Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Rainbows


It has been a banner week in not policing what people do in the sack, so it goes without saying SOMEONE was bound to fuck it up. That someone is Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who has filed an appeal to revive a statewide ban of oral and anal sex that has been dead for the last 10 years after the Supreme Court ruled sodomy bans unconstitutional.

Cuccinelli claims that he is angling to reinstate the ban simply because it could be a “an important tool that prosecutors use to put child molesters in jail,” and says that consenting adults will not be affected by it. Unlikely: When the option came in 2004 to add additional legislature that would limit the ban to scenarios involving minors and nonconsentual sex, Cuccinelli shot it down.

And In 2009, he told the press: “My view is that homosexual acts — not homosexuality, but homosexual acts — are wrong. They’re intrinsically wrong. And I think in a natural law-based country, it’s appropriate to have policies that reflect that … They don’t comport with natural law.”

Alas, the slogan “Virginia is for people who have heteronormative unprotected intercourse in order to concieve a child the way the Lord intended it” is kind of long for a keychain.

‘Would-be VA Governor Ken Cuccinelli Wants to Outlaw Oral and Anal Sex’ [The Cut]

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