McKayla Maroney Is Flexible and Impeccably Styled In New Adidas Ads

Here’s Olympic champ and famous scowler rocking some new looks for Adidas. The only drawback? No picture of her doing that signature “not interested in this or any other awards ceremony” pout. (Is that a pout? What do you even call that look?)

Listen, before I saw this photoshoot I didn’t even realize that workout clothes could be considered stylish and fashionable. Now? I’m probably still never getting to the gym, but at least I’m going to consider some of those orange pants to wear around the house. I will not be doing the splits.

Adidas did an interview with Maroney and found that she works hard, will continue to pursue gymnastics and likes to post deep thoughts and also have fun on social media. They did not, unfortunately, ask her what she calls whatever she was doing with her face that one time when she didn’t win the Olympics. (I wish we lived in a world where one person could win the entire Olympics and then every other country in the world was sad for several years.)

Images via Adidas

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