Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner Is On Tour With First Lady Jill Biden

Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner Is On Tour With First Lady Jill Biden
Photo:Dia Dipasupil/ (Getty Images)

On Thursday, actress Jennifer Garner and First Lady Jill Biden are reportedly taking a trip to Garner’s hometown of Charleston, West Virginia, during which they will tour Arnoldsburg Elementary School and visit a COVID-19 vaccination center located in Capital High School.

Ever since her 2018 divorce from Ben Affleck, Garner has largely kept herself and her family out of the public eye, except in relation to her advocacy work. Garner is on the board of the non-profit organization Save the Children USA. During the 2020 Presidential race, Garner hosted an Instagram Live with Jill Biden, where the two discussed Biden’s plans if she were to become First Lady.

Now, is it possible that Jennifer Garner is just accompanying Jill Biden to Charleston, West Virginia, because it’s her hometown and she already does advocacy work around education?? Sure.

BUT ALSO, what if Garner is actually living a secret life as a spy for an agency that she BELIEVED was the CIA, but turns out was actually a rogue criminal organization masquerading as the U.S. government, and she’s using this trip as a covert attempt to alert the President about a plot to… OK sure, that’s also the plot of Garner’s early-2000s espionage-thriller television series Alias, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also true!

OR PERHAPS Garner is actually just going on a trip as a favor while she tries to get the First Lady’s assistance in getting an experimental medical treatment approved because she’s secretly her 13-year-old self trapped in her…. 49-year-old body and is trying to find a way to get back to 1985, before she ever married Ben Affleck! Yes, this is also the plot of Garner’s popular romantic comedy 13 Going On 30 but it could also be true! You really never know!

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