Meet Don Diebel: The Apparent Grandfather Of "Game"


Think Tucker Max and Mystery are bad? Well, meet Don Diebel, the “dating expert” who published this horrifying tome, “The Complete Guide To Meeting Women,” back in 1991.

One of our readers tipped us to this post at Awful Library Books, which features Diebel’s 1991 dating instructional manual, a book that claims to offer up dating advice but, in actuality, comes across as a date rapist’s handbook, telling men to go after drunk women, and to do so when the women are alone. He also provides “helpful” hints on how to spot a drugged woman, and what the best ways to approach her might be.

Though the obvious question is how this disgusting piece of crap actually got published—as fairly recently as 1991, no less—an even more disturbing revelation, thanks to a cursory Google search, shows that Diebel is still promoting himself as a dating expert who has published the following titles: “How to Pick Up Women in Discos, The Complete Guide to Meeting Women, The Houston Entertainment and Dating Guide, Finding Mr. Right, 100 Best Places to Take a Date, 1001 Best Pick-Up Lines, How to Pick Up Topless Dancers, How to Pick Up Women in Nightclubs, 200 Guaranteed Ways to Succeed with Women, and How to Improve Your Golf with S/A Hypnotism.”

But perhaps the most disturbing part of all this is that Diebel’s spammy-looking website shows that he hasn’t really changed his methods over the past 20 years or so: the site is filled with creepy advice from his various books, as well as ads for a CD that claims, much like Zack Morris’s Beau Revere tape, I guess, to seduce women subliminally while they’re listening to it. Diebel promotes himself like all of these creepy players do: as a dating expert, a savior for those who are romantically challenged, and someone who has seemingly unlocked the mysteries of making women fall for you. But “watch out for the drunk ones” and “trick her via CD” isn’t dating advice, as there’s a difference between learning how to approach a woman and learning how to take advantage of her. Diebel’s book might be worth a laugh, but his message, and the fact that he’s continued to spread it for two decades, isn’t really anything to laugh about.

Bom Chicka Bow Wow [Awful Library Books]

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