Meet Mrs. Fulbright: A Fake Presidential Candidate's Wife with Dead Eyes and No Dreams


Republican presidential candidates love love love referencing their wives, their “proudest accomplishments,” and “best friends” in an effort to convince the public that they must be real, likable people (not boring corporate lizards) because they got someone to agree to move in.

A new campaign ad for Honest Gil Fulbright, a satirical presidential candidate created by a campaign finance reform group, reveals what their blonde wives are really thinking behind their plastic smiles.

“I’m not behind a podium or out speaking with real people, because as a prop, I’m best positioned ‘in the home’ where I can conform to gender norms and exhibit aspirational family values,” she says.

“My practiced smile should tell you all’s well with the Fulbright house, while my lifeless eyes betray my disgust with my husband’s backroom dealings with shady political cohorts.”

Watch the full ad above.

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