Meet the Lady Who Ruined Dylann Roof's Chance at an Insanity Plea


Now that Dylann Roof is in custody and has been charged with nine counts of murder, the question is: how will he plead? The speculation in days following in the massacre is that Roof will plead like fellow mass shooter James Holmes did and claim not guilty by reason of insanity. That scenario seems much less likely now thanks to the efforts of a professional wrestling fan and an ardent Communist who’s down $49 bucks.

Twitter user @HenryKrinkle was searching for Roof’s online footprints but to find websites registered under the name Dylann Roof would cost him $49 dollars, so @HenryKrinkle tweeted to his followers:

A lady who goes by the pen name Emma Quangel threw down the cash. Now Roof’s deranged white supremacist manifesto is public and it could qualify as evidence showing that Roof was not in a delusional state during the shooting. Given the content of the manifesto it’s pretty clear that Roof’s murders were primarily motivated by ideology and not psychosis.

Quangel told the Daily Beast, “As a communist, it is my duty and obligation to spend at least $49 to help ruin this guy’s insanity plea.” She also tweeted:

We reached out to Quangel for comment but she’s mad at Jezebel for ‘pinkwashing’ our coverage of Israel. Well, Quangel, we might disagree on Middle Eastern politics and some tactical decisions regarding the Kronstadt Rebellion, but we still salute you, Comrade.

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