Meghan McCain and Her Ponytail Are Very Concerned About Joe Biden's Spiritual Well Being

McCain took some time out of her day to spew inaccurate information about sins and Catholicism

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Meghan McCain and Her Ponytail Are Very Concerned About Joe Biden's Spiritual Well Being

Meghan McCain, who has no theological credentials whatsoever but loves to talk about Catholicism, took some time to preach to Joe Biden after saying, “I don’t try and proselytize.” On Monday’s episode of The View the topic of President Biden’s faith came up as Catholic bishops squabble over whether Biden should be allowed to partake in communion despite the fact that he will not take a clear anti-abortion stance, which is the teaching of the Catholic Church.

McCain, who is not even allowed to produce a sermon by the rules of her own Church which she claims to follow devoutly, referred to abortion as a “cardinal sin” and blathered on about Biden’s spiritual journey. Now, McCain often forgets this but words actually mean something and in the Catholic Church a cardinal sin is something incredibly specific and does not include abortion. What she probably meant to say is that it is a mortal sin, the kind of sin that can alter someone’s journey in the afterlife but that would require McCain to use more than one brain cell which must be incredibly difficult considering her ponytail is so tight she cannot access any other brain lobes.

More importantly, though Joe Biden is not the head of the Church, nor is he even a cleric, and so ensuring that an entire country of diverse religious beliefs is upholding the practices of one single entity is not his fucking job. Again, McCain would understand this nuance had she access to a full range of thought.

It also doesn’t matter really if Biden and other Catholics who are pro-abortion get a slap on the wrist from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, because ultimately if the priest handing out the wafers which represent the body of Christ doesn’t want to restrict people from receiving the sacrament, then he can shoot wafers into the crowd from a money gun if he wants to—it’s his parish. Moreover, anything the Conference decides has to be approved by the Vatican which has already come out against the proposal.

But McCain doesn’t seem to care about sharing accurate information to her fans and fellow devout Catholics. She’s just there to hit those talking points, rile up Whoopi, and pretend that her hair makes sense.

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