Meghan McCain Fires Back At Sexist Turd Glenn Beck


After Glenn Beck graphically pretended to vomit on his radio show at the sight of Meghan McCain wearing a strapless dress in a recent skin cancer PSA, McCain is fighting back with an open letter to the notoriously douche-y pundit.

Earlier this week, the Style Network released its “Naked” skin cancer prevention campaign featuring McCain and a number of other women—like Brandy and Tempestt Bledsoe—posing (or pretending to pose) nude, with the message being, “If you leave the house without sunscreen, you might as well be naked.” All that’s visible of McCain, aside from her head and neck, are her shoulders and collar bone. Still, this proved to be too much for Beck, who exclaimed on his show on Wednesday, “I’m getting sick just looking at it!”

In an arduous bit that lasted for over eight minutes, Beck pretended to vomit into a trashcan—using liquid from coffee cups to produce convincing sound effects—each time he looked at McCain or even heard her name. He then said:

Put some extra clothes on. Like, lots of extra clothes…has she thought about a burqa, just to be extra safe?

Today, in her Daily Beast column, McCain responded to Beck’s mockery in an open letter, calling out his blatant sexism and not forgetting to point out his own recent setbacks:

Clearly you have a problem with me, and possibly women in general, but the truth is, it’s 2011 and I heard your show on Fox was canceled. Isn’t that an indication that the era of the shock jock pundit is over? Don’t you think that’s a sign you should be pulling it back a little? I mean, if you’re too conservative and outrageous for Fox, that should tell you something. There really is no need to make something like my participation in a skin cancer PSA into a sexist rant about my weight and physical appearance, because I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Glenn: you are the only one who looks bad in this scenario.

McCain also mentioned how Beck, himself, has teenage daughters who are “probably dealing with the sexist, body-obsessed media environment,” asking him if that’s the legacy he wants to leave, before adding one last zinger: “As a person who is known for his hot body, you must find it easy to judge the weight fluctuations of others.”

Shut Up About My Body, Glenn Beck [The Daily Beast]

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