Meghan Trainor Has Married the Kid From Spy Kids and Is Excited to Say the Word 'Hubby'


Because time is either not real or too real, the little boy from Spy Kids is now old enough to be married to Meghan Trainor.

Trainor married Daryl Sabara on December 22, the eve of her 25th birthday, in a backyard ceremony in Los Angeles, according to People.

Trainor says that, as a married woman, she’s most looking forward to wearing a wedding ring and referring to her bridegroom by an abbreviation I find so irksome that it might actually be the cause of my TMJ:

“Just rockin’ them rings!” says Trainor, who exchanged bands with Sabara after reciting hand-written vows during the ceremony, which was coordinated by the wedding planners at Sacks Productions. “I’m really excited to say ‘hubby’ and ‘husband.’”

Sabara, fortunately, does not share my opinions on the moniker:

Indeed, “I’m no longer the ‘future hubby’ — I get to just be the hubby, which I’m excited about!” adds Sabara, alluding to Trainor’s 2015 hit single “Dear Future Husband.”

Congratulations, you kids! May your wedded lives be filled with all the “heteronormativity on Adderall,” promised in “Dear Future Husband.”

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