Megyn Kelly Tells Dems to ‘F Off’ After Mass Shooting: ‘The Gun Debate Is Lost’

But no one's told voters that. Fox News ran a poll showing that vast majorities support tighter restrictions on gun purchasing.

Megyn Kelly Tells Dems to ‘F Off’ After Mass Shooting: ‘The Gun Debate Is Lost’
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Eight people were murdered while shopping at a mall in Allen, Texas, on Saturday because a man with white supremacist and Neo-Nazi links had access to multiple weapons. Like clockwork, government officials and GOP personalities copy-pasted their sympathies and then dusted off their hands like they’d done a day’s work. But a select few deserve some sort of Advanced Knot-Tying badge for the twists their logic made while talking about this unending American epidemic.

Former Fox News poster child Megyn Kelly decided to showcase her idiocy on Twitter, saying that the real cause behind these mass shootings is…gun control advocates? “I am sick and tired of nothing changing after mass shootings bc we get mired EVERY TIME IN THE DAMN GUN DEBATE,” she tweeted. “You have LOST. It’s DONE. For the love of God what else can be done?”

By Kelly’s logic, the real culprit for drunk driving deaths would be those who want to implement blood alcohol content limits or encourage wearing seatbelts. The logical jumps of her outburst reveal that no sensible arguments against gun control exist for Republicans; they’re forced to resort to obfuscation and anger.

A day after the shooting, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) went on Fox News to spew a both-sides-ism lie about gun violence being just as bad in blue states, which tend to have much stronger gun regulations, as in red ones. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) was quick to repost the clip with some stats of his own. California, he said out, has a gun death rate that is 73% lower than that of Texas. (He didn’t link to his source but, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Texas does indeed have a much higher rate of firearms death.)

Abbott then belched out a favorite GOP talking point that downplays the role of guns in these shootings and instead puts the blame on shooters’ mental health. (For what it’s worth, Texas ranked last in access to mental health care in a 2022 study by Mental Health Matters.) But the issue at hand is the guns, which Abbott, who is in the pocket of the gun lobby, will never take a serious stance against. Fox News even posted a poll in the above clip with Abbott showing that over 80% of respondents support background checks, raised age minimums for purchasing, and better enforcement of existing gun laws along with mental health checks. To blame it all on mental health is frankly delusional and fully irresponsible.

The incident in Allen, Texas, was the 199th mass shooting in America since the beginning of this year. That’s a lot considering we are only on day 128 of the year; it’s also a lot considering there shouldn’t be one single mass shooting ever. But these GOP assholes are so blinded by the glittering gold being shoved in their faces by the gun lobby, or their own doomed patriotic allegiance to an idea of a country that doesn’t exist, that they will never in good faith engage with gun reform. Blood is on their hands.

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