Meth-Addicted Top Model Alum Gets Help from Dr. Phil


Today on Dr. Phil, former America’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 contestant Jael—who has been addicted to meth for six years—was the subject of a family intervention facilitated by the talk show host. And it was all very dramatic.

First, we learned that Jael has been living in a series of rundown motels and working at a strip club, where (according to Jael’s mom) women do sexual favors in the bathroom for $20. And she’s unrecognizable: her skin is very scarred and most of her teeth have rotted out of her head.

Her parents—with the help of two specialists working for Phil—surprised her at her mother’s home. Jael arrived wearing a ridiculous maroon top hat with about a dozen or so very long feathers (18 inches each, at least) decorating it. She fled as soon as she figured out that it was an intervention. After two hours, though, the convinced her to get on a plane and go to L.A. to go on Dr. Phil. At the airport, she attempted to flee again.

Eventually, they made it to the taping of the show. First, her parents were on stage with Phil, who grilled them about their own drug use. The mom admitting to doing coke with Jael. The dad refused to own up to any partying that he may have done with his daughter, saying that he didn’t want to discuss his “personal life on camera. This got Dr. Phil so angry that he could only speak in a series of colloquialisms and clichés. He literally said:

This ain’t my first time at the rodeo. I’ve seen the best laid plans of mice and men go awry, and when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

When it was Jael’s turn to come out, the curtain lifted, she took one look at Dr. Phil, and bolted out of the studio. She was found hiding behind the dumpster, where Phil made a big show of being folksy enough to go speak with her there. After a heart-to-heart in which he told her that her life sucked, he convinced her to step inside the studio to receive a standing ovation. She agreed to go to Origins rehab.

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