Mia Farrow Doesn't Give a Shit About Woody Allen Anymore


Last month, in a New York magazine profile, Soon-Yi Previn accused Mia Farrow of abusing and neglecting her as a child, taking “advantage of the #MeToo movement,” and fabricating an allegation that Woody Allen sexually assaulted Farrow’s daughter, Dylan, when she was only seven. Farrow’s camp denied Previn’s claims, and in a recent interview with Elle, Farrow says she couldn’t care less about Allen anyway.

Farrow spoke to the magazine for its November issue, digging into her spirituality, her work with UNICEF, her son Ronan Farrow’s many accomplishments, and her own brushes with Bad Men during her early years as an actor, among other things. But of course, her turbulent decade-long relationship with Allen came up, not that Farrow had much to say about him:

In September, after New York magazine published a lengthy and fairly scathing article offering Soon-Yi’s side of the story, Farrow declined to comment. (Dylan and Ronan put out statements condemning the piece, and Dylan also posted a statement from seven of her siblings that read, “None of us ever witnessed anything other than compassionate treatment in our home…. We reject any effort to deflect from Dylan’s allegation by trying to vilify our mom.”) What Farrow had previously told me about Allen is that she had become indifferent: “I reached a place many years ago where I just don’t care about him.”

Same. Now if only film studios and all the men I went to college with followed suit.

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