Michael B. Jordan Remains a Buff, Stubborn Bae in Creed II Trailer


Michael B. Jordan was a sight to see in Creed, the spin-off from the Rocky series in which he stars as Adonis, the weary son of Apollo Creed, Rocky’s former rival. A messed-up rich kid, Adonis eventually finds his way to boxing, finds a mentor in Rocky, who works at an Italian restaurant in Philly, and finds a partner in Bianca (played by the wonderful Tessa Thompson). Along the way, he occasionally refuses to listen to advice from the people who care about him, and it turns out that streak of hard-headedness is BACK, baby, in Creed II, out on Thanksgiving.

The sequel’s trailer gives away very few plot points, but teases at least: it looks like Adonis and Bianca had a bebe! Rocky thinks the guy Adonis wants to fight is “dangerous.” The women in Adonis’s life tell him to think straight for a minute. It still looks like he’s gotta fight him, and the guy’s name is Drago; apparently, he’s Russian.

Watch the trailer above.

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