Michele Bachmann Claims She Lost Her Insurance Because THANKS OBAMA


Yesterday, Congressman and world’s foremost authority on being a hateread made flesh Michele Bachmann appeared on CNN to discuss her favorite topic, “Obama Bad. More like Nobama (sits back crossing arms, raises eyebrows smugly).” During her appearance opposite strategist Paul Begala, she claimed that thanks to Obama (#benghazi), she and her husbeard Marcus lost their health insurance and she won’t, won’t won’t even think of using the health insurance exchange until it’s fixed. Why? Because shut up, that’s why.

Members of Congress and their staff (with some exceptions) are required to use DC’s health insurance exchange to buy coverage, but the federal government will contribute a significant amount to their premiums. And as for technical problems? I was able to create an account on DCHealthLink’s website in like 2 minutes, and I don’t even live in DC. It was really easy.

Bachmann also claimed that her husband has ongoing health concerns — preexisting conditions, if you will — that require he not have a gap in coverage. Begala countered that Obamacare actually contains provisions that would forbid insurance companies from denying people like her husband coverage. Bachmann was like whatever I liked it before!!! And no one learned any lessons. The end.


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