Michelle Obama Joins Instagram; Rose Garden Sunset Pix Are Inevitable


The First Lady of the United States is now on Instagram. Her first image was taken at a at MLK Middle School in Dakar, Senegal; she also has video of students there dancing as they welcome her. So far, Ms. Obama (or a minion?) has used the filters Valencia and Mayfair. Great start!

But here’s what she’ll need to be an Instagram pro:

  • A picture of a delicious White House dessert with just one forkful missing (#yum)
  • A picture of Bo Obama lounging, tongue hanging out (#lazydog)
  • A picture of her shoes/feet, taken from above (#omgshoes)
  • Sunsets! From the White House or from Air Force One (#pretty)
  • A selfie in a mirror (#obvs)

[E!, Instagram]

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