Michigan University Students Claim Their Title IX Coordinator Told Them Sexual Assault Wasn't 'Worth Reporting'

Michigan University Students Claim Their Title IX Coordinator Told Them Sexual Assault Wasn't 'Worth Reporting'
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The Eastern Michigan University Board of Regents is being sued by 11 of its former students who say the school ignored Title IX protections while downplaying and covering up their sexual assaults, an occurrence that is all-too-common on American college campuses.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the women’s lawsuit revolves around sexual assault complaints against four former students who were arrested in the last year in connection with the assaults. The women, who spoke with the Detroit Free Press anonymously, claim that the university withheld transcripts in retaliation for reporting sexual violence and that Title IX coordinator Melody Werner told one of the women that her assault was “not even worth reporting,” while a EMU police officer told another woman that “nothing would happen” if she reported her assault two months after the fact.

In a statement, the university says that Werner “categorically denies” the allegations—which, like, yeah anyone who fucked up their one job that badly likely would. Additionally, EMU President James Smith wrote in a campus-wide message that no student on their campus should be sexually assaulted, but did not mention whether or not it is the university’s position that the school should not hold the survivor’s transcripts hostage as punishment for speaking up about those assaults:

“Let me be clear: no student should suffer a sexual assault while part of our community,” the message read. “Worse, when one occurs and the survivor does not experience the kind of support they need and deserve, the institution must pay attention and strive tirelessly to fix whatever it was that created such an environment.”

The students are seeking a judgment in excess of $75,000, but really there should be a nationwide law that says anyone who has their rape covered up by university officials should, at the very least, have their tuition reimbursed.

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