Miley Cyrus Saw Jennifer Lawrence Throw Up at a Fancy Oscar Party


You can’t take Jennifer Lawrence anywhere. Not even to a fancy shindig after the Academy Awards, because apparently all she does is barf on things. Oh Jen.

Lawrence confirmed the story we learned about weeks ago to Seth Meyers Wednesday night. She said that yes, she indeed upchucked at an after-party she went to with her friend Laura (the author of all this awesomeness right here). Laura is apparently the world’s worst influence ever and simultaneously the person we all need to invite to every party we ever have from now until the end of time. By the way, who among us hasn’t puked in front of Miley Cyrus? That was one of the questions on my last rental applications: When is the last time you vomited in front of Miley Cyrus? I think I put Tuesday, if memory serves.

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