Miley Cyrus's Wedding Dress Was Fricken Nice, Expensive

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More news is slowly trickling out about the secret nuptials exchanged by Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, including that they got hitched in the first place and that it happened on December 23 at Miley’s home in Nashville, relocated after the Malibu fires destroyed the couple’s home on the West Coast. Weddings schmeddings, who cares, just tell me about the dress!

Okay: She wore Vivienne Westwood, which you can immediately clock by the dramatic draping on the neckline, and it’s corseted ivory satin. If you have $8600 lying around you, too, can buy this dress made-to-order at one of the Westwood boutiques in New York and Los Angeles. OR! If you have $8,600 lying around, you could just move to New York or Los Angeles and pay rent for somewhere between eight months (New York, with multiple roommates) or a year (L.A., probably in some hella nice ranch house with a driveway and a yard).

Congrats to Miley, Liam, and Vivienne!


Ugh, can you believe it’s been exactly two years since writer/actor/princess Carrie Fisher died? Two days after her death from cardiac arrest on December 27, 2016, if you recall, her heartbroken mother, Debbie Reynolds, also died, her last words being “I want to be with Carrie,” according to son Todd Reynolds. Now, Debbie’s longtime friend Sue Cameron says that Debbie knew Carrie was going to pass before she did, via psychic bond:

“I made it a point to go over every three weeks to see Debbie, and on that last day that I saw her, on Dec. 21, she told me she had had a vision the night before,” says Cameron, the author of Hollywood Secrets and Scandals. “She called it an ‘experience with death.’”
Cameron says Reynolds told her that she had been in bed that night, when she “felt death come over her.” The star described it as a “weighty cloud” that briefly hovered over her bed. “Oh all right, I guess this is it,” said Reynolds as she recounted the moment to Cameron. But then, she said, the cloud moved to the left of her bed and stayed there.
“Debbie said, ‘I guess it wasn’t for me,’” says Cameron, “but in hindsight, I realized the cloud settled over the exact spot where Carrie always sat on Debbie’s bed.”

According to Cameron, on the day of Carrie’s death, she also told her assistant and caretaker that “Carrie is not coming home.” Look, I don’t believe in ESP per se, but this shit is eerie and maybe there’s some shit that science cannot yet explain! I WANT TO BELIEVE.


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