Model from 'Blurred Lines' Video Finds Miley's Behavior 'Distasteful'

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Elle Evans, the blonde model from Robin Thicke‘s now notorious “Blurred Lines” video, has weighed in on Miley Cyrus‘s VMAs performance, because sure, why not. Her take: SHE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW MILEY ANYMORE, MAN.

“I definitely would say that I didn’t approve,” Evans told FOX411 News. “It was distasteful, in a way. I was more disappointed than anything. I don’t know. It was a little extreme. It didn’t have to be that extreme. It would have been a great performance, everyone loves the song, everyone was really looking forward to it, and I was appalled. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, honestly.”
…As for Cyrus’ edgy new persona, Evans, who worked with the 20-year-old last year on her music video “Decisions,” says, “I guess we all should have seen it coming. I didn’t, I really didn’t. I thought that she was going to transition from a child actor into a bad-ass rocker chick, but I don’t know what happened. She lost it a little, I think. I was like, ‘Wait! Where’s Miley? Where’s the Miley we love? Where’s the Miley I know and, like, respect? Where did that go?’ I don’t know.”

I don’t…I can’t. Look. EVERYONE CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH THEIR BOOBS AND THEIR BUNS. I’m going to just back away slowly and let you guys handle this one in comments. [E!]

Apparently Chris Martin has been careening around Los Angeles on a scooter without a license. Ooh, cheeky! #british

Chris Martin has been scootering around L.A. illegally … sometimes with his kid on the back seat … but today, the Coldplay singer raced down to the DMV to finally get a valid license to drive in California, TMZ has learned.

Multiple DMV sources tell us … records show Martin has never obtained a CA driver’s license, despite the fact he’s been tooling around town on his Vespa for weeks.

I don’t care. Whatever. I will love that dude forever because of Extras. [TMZ]

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