Mom Suing Sperm Bank Over Biracial Baby Gives On-Camera Interview

Jennifer Cramblett, the mother who is suing Midwest Sperm Bank for accidentally impregnating her with the sperm of an African-American man rather than that of the white donor she and her partner paid for, has given her first on-camera interview.

In the segment from Fox 8 News in Cleveland, Cramblett stresses that she is taking legal action not because she doesn’t love her biracial daughter Payton, but because of the gross neglect committed by Midwestern Sperm Bank.

“She just has a way about her that lights up the room,” Cramblett says of Payton. “…I would… never imagine my life without her.”

“I was just floored by the fact that [the insemination] was so easily messed up,” she added.

Cramblett then expounded on the concerns listed in the lawsuit, primarily her fear that Payton will be raised surrounded by a racist community. (Cramblett, Payton and Payton’s other mom Amanda Zinkon currently live in Uniontown, Ohio.)

Cramblett and Zinkon are planning on moving to a different, more diverse area to try and protect their daughter from intolerance and racism.

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